Tchin Tchin: Young Professionals Networking Event (FACCI)

Keen to meet more French entrepreneurs and start-ups in Australia, I went along to this networking event for the French-Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FACCI). The soirée featured a talk by Simon Lenoir, founder & CEO of the independent software company Rezdy.


With the rather tall Simon Lenoir, founder and CEO of Rezdy

I’m always intrigued by where you might find French people living and working in Australia; what brought them here and the ways in which they are making a life for themselves so far from home. The story of what first brought Simon all the way from Grenoble to Australia as a back packer and how his experiences as a tour operator gave rise to the idea for Rezdy, an online tool for booking activities, is no exception.

Simon’s own personal account of the challenges he faced on the road to entrepreneurialism is refreshing. I particularly appreciated his small piece of advice (paraphrased by me): if you have an idea don’t be afraid to share it. The more you share your idea the bigger and better it will get and the more it will become a reality. That’s the best advice I’ve received in a long time.


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