Pigeon Courtship

A translation I’m currently working on has me researching the mating rituals of pigeons. The things one finds oneself doing as a translator can appear perplexing at times, but such is the wonderful world of translation. Blue_Rock_Pigeon_I4_IMG_3038

I was so moved by this description of pigeon courtship that I felt compelled to share:

“Pigeons are monogamous and pair for life, and when one of the partners dies or goes missing, the other will eventually search for a new mate. Pigeons are dedicated parents and therefore have a strong bond with one another. Amongst paired pigeons, the courtship display is performed to reaffirm and reinforce the bond between them.”

Source: http://www.pigeonsaspets.co.uk/2011/01/02/pigeon-courtship-romance-is-alive/

I couldn’t have put it better myself if I spoke pidgin!

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