International Food and Culture Day, 23 July

On Thursday I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with two wonderful not-for-profit organisations from the Illawarra. The Housing Trust who work to provide the community with housing and support¸ teamed up with WP_20150723_006Strategic Community Assistance to Refugee Families (SCARF) to host International Food and Culture Day. I went along to see how I could get involved.

And for a slice of the cake, of course.

That was after the traditional Iraqi and Burmese lunch was served, along with entertainment from the Keira High Diamonds singing group, Balinese dancing and Iraqi rapper Saif Ali.


Me with Iraqi rapper Saif and Congolese DJ, producer and actor Allen


An inspiring event, with three interpreters (Serbian, Arabic and Farsi) – this is an organisation that really cares about reaching the communities it is engaged with.

The people who run these organisations are full of passion and dedication for what they do, it’s infectious to be around! And to top it all off, at the end of the day they sent me on my way with a bag full of lightbulbs, which I later learnt to be an energy saver pack. Now that’s always a bonus.

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