Client-winning case studies

With case study copywriting it’s your time to shine in front of potential clients. In B2B it can be the perfect way to people a behind the scenes look at your business and show how your work has helped other clients .

What’s so great about case studies?

Case studies can help you:

  • Build credibility, authority and trust.
  • Educate would be clients about what’s involved in a project and the value they’re getting from you – especially if you’re working in a niche area
  • Generate more leads

Case studies can be used for:

  • When you’ve done something a bit different from the usual job
  • If the project was executed with a more tailored approach
  • Highlighting a client that’s a big name or well-known in your industry

Writing case studies also helps show what’s different about your approach that sets you apart from your competition. And when your ideal client is in the research phase of the buying process, a case study could be the final piece of the puzzle that converts them.

Case study copywriting shows people working together can get results

Why you need a copywriter

All in all, case studies are great! But they need to be tackled with a creative approach to make them fun and engaging to read.

Often people come to me for case study copywriting because they’re looking for something a bit different. This was true for one of my long-term clients Norwood Industries, a specialist printing company from Melbourne.

To show customers how much you can achieve with print they produced a short film using sets entirely printed at Norwood. They wanted a case study that highlighted what went into the project and the range of materials that they work with. The brief was: ‘I don’t care what you write, as long as it’s not boring.’

Case study copywriting for clientsCase study copywriting for Norwood Industries






Aja Simpson, Marketing Manager, Kindred

“Thanks heaps for the work you put into re-writing our case study under such a tight timeline. I especially appreciated your approach and the creativity you took with this – it was unique and fun to read, which is a big part of what we are looking for in our case studies.”

Want something different for you next case study?

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