Blog your way to the top

Everyone loves a good blog post. And if you really want to do something for your SEO, blogs are the way to go.

Blogging can also help you:

  • Build authority and credibility
  • Communicate directly with your customers
  • Create brand awarenes and spread word of mouth
  • Educate customers about your business, products and services

WARNING: we’re currently at saturation point. The internet needs your content to not just be good, but better. Define better? More interesting, relevant and captivating than what’s already out there.

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How to create better content with blog copywriting

Longer is better

Studies show that longer, more in depth blog posts do better than short, general pieces, especially for a niche subject. That goes for both your readership and the search engines – because Google likes what people like.

But here’s the interesting bit: longer word count doesn’t mean longer to read. The ideal blog post takes 7 minutes to read and contains 1,600 words. Writing content like this is seriously an art.

The art of blog copywriting

Blog copywriting is like to spending the whole day slaving over a hot stove to cook a meal that’s eaten up in 15 minutes. It’s a lot more work and skill than it seems.

A copywriter uses certain techniques to do this:

  • Structure and flow of concepts, ideas and information
  • Tone of voice and writing style
  • Formatting and presentation of content

Plus, your blog posts can also be SEO optimised for your chosen keywords.

Why choose me to write your blog posts?

Using me to write your blog posts will save you money in the long-term because you’ll need to publish less to achieve the same result. In fact, you’ll probably get a better result.

There’s a misnomer out there that quantity of content is what you need for SEO, but actually, we should be more focused on quality.

So I advise my clients to save their investment for something really good once a month rather than waste it on something mediocre once a week.

What you’ll get with my blog posts

  • Relevant, SEO optimised content
  • Keyword and industry research
  • Advice on topics and strategy
  • Formatting with external and internals links and high quality images
  • Proofreading


Paul Evans, Marketing Manager, Digital Pigeon

“We’ve been working with Nadia for the last 12 months and it’s been a real pleasure. She is very responsive, always meets deadlines and comes up with new ideas. She is very creative and she has taken the time to learn and understand our product. Best of all, Nadia understands our clients and the industries we service – and it shows in her writing! I’d be happy to recommend Nadia to any business who wants a creative, persuasive writer!”

Why you’ll have the edge?

Because most of your competition probably aren’t doing this. Just by choosing to publish better content, you’re already miles ahead of your compeition. And when you put exceptional content together with your website content and your social media presence, you’ll win.

Check out my blog

To see some examples, head straight to my blog. It’s where I like to ponder some of the deeper questions about copywriting, words and language, or even share some of my experiences running a business.

I’ve also been published on Mamamia with this fun post about a feminist take on high heels.

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