Wollongong Remedial Massage

Rhonda Hunt is the hero of this story. She runs Wollongong Remedial Massage. After working as a part time massage therapist for years Rhonda decided to go full time. She needed a marketing strategy to help with that transition.

Business goals

Rhonda had a long-term target of 20 bookings per week. To reach this she needed:

  • More regular bookings from existing clients
  • More new enquiries from her target market

She also wanted to form alliances with osteopaths, podiatrists and doctors for referrals.


Rhonda already had a list of 110 clients and a strong Facebook presence, but not enough clients were re-booking. She also had a listing on Natural Therapy Pages, but it wasn’t bringing in enough new enquiries.

Rhonda had also tried a few marketing strategies with her ‘refer a friend’ campaign. This resulted in the highest ever bookings in one week with 26 in four days. But it wasn’t sustained, and readvertising the offer didn’t bring in anymore referrals from client’s friends.

It was time for a more permanent, sustainable marketing solution.


New website

To get more eyeballs online she needed her own website with an online booking system. It would also give her more credibility when reaching out to doctors and other practitioners.

Wollongong Remedial Massage was the ideal business for SEO copywriting. Rhonda had already been in business for a few years, she understood her market well and was clear about her goals. She gives a pretty good massage, too. Important!


Rhonda’s income went up 27% in the first 2 months after the website was launched. Over the next six months her Google rankings improved steadily (for a brand new site it can take longer to see results).

By the six month mark she hit 15 clients per week and was on her way to 20. Go Rhonda!

Customer feedback

Everybody loves the new Wollongong Remedial Massage website! Existing customers are happy they can now jump onto the website and book with the click of a button. In our busy, hectic lives, making things straight forward and simple for your customers is a valuable proposition, indeed.

New customers told Rhonda when they found her website they felt comfortable before they’d even met her. She just seemed trustworthy and likeable. Another customer who has a nut allergy said mentioining hypoallergenic massage oils on the FAQ page was enough to make her book on the spot.

It just goes to show that no matter how small or insignificant you think a piece of copy is, in the right moment it has enormous power to convert a customer.