What’s my story?

My clients all have something in common. They want to make a difference. I guess that’s what we all want isn’t it?

I never thought I would run my own business, but life surprises you, and as a result you surprise yourself in the process.

Before I was a copywriter I was a screenwriter and television producer. I loved that industry, but I was lost. I didn’t feel like I was reaching my full potential, and I was constantly chasing something that was never quite in reach.

The reason I was chasing that dream is because I’ve always loved storytelling. There’s nothing like huddling around to listen to a story. My dad is one of the best storytellers I know. I don’t have any memories of him actually reading bed time stories because he just made up his own. My favourite ones were about gnomes and secret underground passage ways. Exciting stuff!

Perhaps I never really grew up, because I still love a good story. If you want to get my attention all you have to do is say ‘I’ll tell you a story’, and I’m hooked. That’s why I love my job. I get to discover your story, and then I have the privilege of being the one to tell it to the world.

As a copywriter I love people and I love content. And somehow, by combining the two I’ve finally found a way of making a difference. It’s as simple as that.

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